Teacher Tips: Using AI in the Classroom

Our top tips for using AI in the classroom and what to expect from DE's new AI tool

Every teacher knows the struggle: countless hours spent planning lessons and making presentations whilst simultaneously swimming in administrative tasks and marking. Finding the time to engage students, differentiate lessons and provide individualised support can feel overwhelming, but a new tool has come to help: AI. From functioning as a personal assistant to generating lesson plans, the ways in which AI can be implemented to help save you time in the classroom are endless. Here are some of our favourite ideas, along with some examples of what you’ll be able to do with Developing Experts’ upcoming AI tool! 

  1. Ask AI to generate a lesson plan: Using an AI tool to generate a full plan will save you time and effort, giving you a draft that can then be tweaked and edited to suit the needs of your class. With DE’s new AI tool, you can remove parts you don’t like, add in extra points to personalise the lesson, and fully adjust any keywords, learning objectives and National Curriculum references. 
  2. Ask AI about common misconceptions: Whilst we currently provide a misconception map in our Curriculum Documents page, we know that some topics can be tricker to teach than others and misconceptions can come out of nowhere. Using a tool such as ChatGPT for ideas of what students may be struggling with can help to solve this, and you can ask it for solutions too! 
  3. Find videos and images to use in your lessons: DE’s new tool will automatically populate slides with images and videos, saving you from having to search for them yourself. 
  4. Ask AI about examples and connections to the world of work: To help solve the problem of students not knowing why they’re being asked to learn a specific topic, using a tool such as ChatGPT can help you come up with ideas to share with them and develop their interest further. 
  5. Get suggestions for further keywords: If you’re looking to enhance vocabulary in your class, DE’s new AI will give you countless options for keywords that are relevant to your lesson. You can just keep on generating them!
  6. Use AI to turn your lesson into a story, play or art project: To inject some additional creativity into your lessons, try asking an AI to use your lesson material and craft it into a story to read or a play to act out. Doing so will keep your students attentive and excited about learning! 

The possibilities created from using AI in the classroom are endless, but you can start with an option from the list above. Don’t forget that our new AI will be launching soon and will give you the opportunity to create your own lessons at the click of a button. We look forward to seeing your AI experiments - please tag us on social media @DevelopExperts if you use any of our ideas! If you would like to let us know your thoughts on the use of AI in the classroom, you can do so here