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  • Sequenced and mapped against the National Curriculum and AQA, with a focus on prior learning
  • Lessons plans, handouts, unit tests, unit knowledge organisers, before and after tests and presentations
  • Fully resourced, editable lessons and assessment tools
  • A focus on ‘working scientifically skills’ through investigations and practical activities
  • Quizzes to assess understanding for effective retrieval practice
  • Key scientific vocabulary, with words from tiers 1 - 3
  • Activities to encourage higher order thinking and link scientific concepts to the real world
  • Support for science leaders through progression documents, curriculum maps, an OFSTED pack and free CPD sessions
  • Links to the world of STEM and careers, with personalised career guidance



5 hours ago

Year 1 @ Roby Park Primary @Year1RobyPark

We have been looking at materials and their properties in our final science unit and ended with designing three outfits for different weather conditions. We needed to ensure we considered the materials we would need to make the outfits suitable! 



1 day ago

5 days ago

Year 2 @ Roby Park Primary

In science we identified what we could do to help reduce the impact humans have on habitats. We carried out a litter audit of our school grounds & recorded our observations. This prompted discussions about how we could help protect habitats. #RPScience


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