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Our online platform brings the science curriculum to life. We show how STEM in schools can lead to real careers for anyone - whatever your background. We make it simple for employers to recruit, simple for teachers to teach and simple for students to get involved and get excited.

‘We work with a broad range of industry partners in order to show the application and use of scientific theory in a practical context, therefore enabling students to understand the different careers and routes which they are able to pursue’

‘Through their work with us, each partner is able to promote the aims and values of their brand whilst simultaneously ensuring that their future workforce is becoming educated and aware of the opportunities which exist in STEM’

‘We work closely with each partner to help them select units which suit their individual needs as well as those of the students studying the material’

Do you have a clear recruitment strategy?

1. Develop a clear employer brand by hosting online career fairs

2. Create job posts that reflect your company values

3. Exploit our applicant tracking system

4. Proactively recruit from a diverse talent pool

Unless you are product placing your career opportunity in the curriculum before the ages of 6, you are already reducing your talent pipeline