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1. Identify and name a variety of everyday materials

1. Identify different materials and their uses

1. Identify the difference between light sources and non light sources

1. Identify how sounds are made

1. Explore the solar system and its planets

1. Describe the parts of an electric circuit

2. Explore voltage and its effect on an electrical circuit

2. Explore the light that comes from the sun and how to stay safe

2. Distinguish between an object and the material it is made from

2. Understand the heliocentric model of the solar system

2. Explore how vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear

2. Understand how to select the right materials to build a bridge

3. Describe the properties of everyday materials

3. Explore sound insulation

3. Explain the Earth’s movement in space

3. Apply knowledge to identify and correct problems in a circuit

3. Explore materials which are reflective

3. Explore and test the stretchiness of materials

4. Discover how shadows are formed

4. Explain the Earth’s rotation and night and day

4. Identify objects that are natural and those that are manmade

4. Understand materials can change their shape by twisting, bending, squashing or stretching

4. Investigate what affects the output of a circuit

4. Explore volume

5. Explore pitch

5. Learn about Charles Macintosh and explore how materials are suitable for different purposes

5. Investigate how shadows change throughout the day

5. Build a set of traffic lights

5. Explain the movement of the Moon

5. Predict and identify if an object will float or sink

6. Apply knowledge of conductors and insulators

6. Explore sounds from near and from far

6. Investigate how you can change the size of a shadow

6. Discover which materials change shape when making a road with John McAdam

6. Explore which materials are best for different objects

6. Design a planet using knowledge gained