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Earth Day 2024: Addressing Environmental Awareness in Science Education

Celebrating Earth Day 2024 with Developing Experts

Remembering Peter Higgs: Exploring the Legacy of a Physics Pioneer

Developing Experts remembers Peter Higgs, a pioneer of the physics world

Athena40 Winner for Pioneer in Tech and Innovation: Sarah Mintey MBE Developing Experts' Founder

Pioneer in Tech and Innovation: Sarah Mintey MBE for her ground-breaking contributions to the field of technology and education.

An introduction to generative AI in the classroom

Getting to grips with artificial intelligence: how teachers can save time and create personalised learning resources

Developing Experts' Design: Enhancing Learning Through Effective Recall Techniques

How Developing Experts uses questioning and recall techniques to embed pupil knowledge

Everything You Need to Know About DE’s New Homework Planner

How you can use DE's new planner tool to set homework and independent learning tasks

Science Week Free Resources: Dinosaur Fossils

Free time-themed resources to use this Science Week!

Science Week Free Resources: Evolving Ecosystems

A free time-themed activity for you to use during Science Week 2024

Science Week Free Resources: Day in the Life of a Butterfly

Celebrate Science Week with this "Day in the Life of a Butterfly" short story prompt!

Science Week 2024: FREE Teaching Resources!

Mix science and creativity this Science Week with our time-themed short story ideas!

Teaching Resources: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Addressing STEM stereotypes on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

A close look at KS3 Photosynthesis

Teaching photosynthesis at KS3 with Developing Experts: what to expect from our sequence of lessons