Innovate UK SMART Grant awarded to Developing Experts

How we plan to use our grant from Innovate UK

Since its conception in 2015, Developing Experts has continually aimed to bridge the gap between the material taught in classrooms and the needs of businesses, the local economy and government priorities. We are delighted to have been awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant for the project entitled ‘OpenAI API Lesson content generator with localised careers signposting’. Over the course of the next 12 months, this grant will allow us to develop our solution even further and meet the growing demands of educational providers in an exciting and innovative way. 

Currently, our platform is used by a rapidly growing number of schools and pupils, all of whom benefit from our approach to embedding careers within educational STEM content. Since our goal is to build a diverse, adaptable and long-term STEM talent pipeline, it has become necessary to include artificial intelligence (AI) as a functionality within our curriculum. 

The Innovate UK Smart Grant will enable us to develop game-changing new AI and predictive analytic functionalities to support pupils, teachers and our STEM industry partners. The developed solution will allow pupils to identify potential career pathways and placement opportunities. Teachers will significantly benefit from automated AI lesson generation and high-quality learning materials that are linked to the curriculum and workplace skills. Furthermore, forecasting tools will help our STEM industry partners predict their future challenges and give them opportunities to build brand awareness within their future workforce.

This project will deliver a prototype that will be trialled in Norfolk and Suffolk. To find out more about this exciting project and the Innovate UK Smart Grant, please send us an email at [email protected].